PLEASE NOTE that there is a lot of potentially triggering content in the video with regards to body image, eating, eating disorders, exercise, weight loss, fatphobia.

Fattitude: A Body Positive Documentary

by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman

From the Kickstarter site: A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.

Did you know that fat people are paid $1.25 less and hour than their thin counterparts? Or that a fat person who excels can still legally lose a job just because s/he’s fat? How about the reality that 1 in 3 doctors associates fat bodies with hostility, dishonesty and poor hygiene?

Fat people are subject to discrimination everywhere they look. In children’s books and stories fat people are villains and bad guys.  On our television screens and in the advertising world the fat body is a joke. Magazines and entertainment news shows fixate on the “fatness” of celebrities’ bodies and there are very few films that feature fat leads, despite the fact that 60%+ of Americans are - or at the very least consider themselves - fat. 

We are making a feature-length independent documentary that exposes how fat hatred permeates our popular culture, spreading the message that fat is bad and in turn forwarding the idea that being cruel, unkind or downright unjust to a fat person is acceptable behavior. As you can tell from our trailer, our film in already in production.  We’re here on kickstarter because we need your help to complete our film! Our goal is to get our film finished, out there, and changing the world by the end of 2015!

Hey everyone! Just came across this Kickstarter campaign, and I am soooo all about this. Please donate and or signal boost! I would love to see this documentary get off the ground!!!

Click thru for more info about the project, to make a donation, and to see what all the cool prizes are for donating.

i have this really great tunic top i got from city chic like 3 years ago, and i usually just wear it for going out, like with leggings and cute shoes. but last night i thought, well, maybe if i put a long-sleeve shirt underneath it, i could wear it to work. so i put on this fitted stretchy black tee, then the tunic, and voila! super cute ensemble.

i got TONS OF COMPLIMENTS today. also most people couldn’t tell it was two shirts, and people kept complimenting my necklace - HAHA GEUSS WHAT all those beads and things are ATTACHED.

anyway, i looked real cute so i had to take pics and share. although my hair definitely looked better earlier. also that top pic is real cute but would be UBER CUTE if i weren’t all whited out.



I love this story of empowerment!


So I just posted this to my facebook:

“Had an awesome birthday! I had to have some photos taken of me cause I felt really good. I’m 23 and tired of feeling shame for who I am/where I come from. This is me, this is where I come from. I’m a big, gorgeous, struggling latina-american-chicana feminist, wannabe-fatshionista living in a trailer park in Channelview, Tx. I love taking photos of people and things and I think I’m pretty alright. I’m done with feeling ashamed of who I am and where I come from, these things do not hold me back or stop me from wanting to be happy and make art.”

I don’t normally share this kind of content on my facebook and have always tried to hide where I live or find ways to minimize my body and stay quiet when I hear people fat shaming. Well not anymore. I am so done. I turned 23 today and had a revelation. If people don’t like how I feel, how I look or where I come from, fuck them. I can’t please everyone and if you’re gonna judge me, go right ahead. I’m just gonna keep living life and try my best to make the most out of what I have. If that means living with my parents in a trailer park and a good day consist of them not drinking or doing hard drugs, then so be it. This is my reality and I’m tired of being discriminated for it. This is me. I am a fat hot bitch living in a low class situation and I sometimes I feel good enough about myself to make these kinds of post and have these kinds of photos taken of me.

Photos taken by my lovely boyfriend!